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How does an ionic foot detox work?

During an ionic foot detox session, you simply place your feet in a basin of water that has been ionized by the transmission of electrical currents from a specialized module. The negative ions then enter your system and extricate hazardous buildup that has accrued. Over the course of the 40-minute session, you may experience a tingling sensation, and the water within the basin may change color to indicate the matter that has been expelled from your system.
Feet at spa pedicure procedure

What are the benefits of an ionic foot detox?

By ridding the body of toxins, free radicals, extra fats and potentially harmful foreign matter, an ionic foot detox can enhance your health in the following ways: 

  • Bolster immune system - Boost your body's natural defenses by cleansing your body of the foreign matter that is keeping your immune cells occupied. 
  • Fight fatigue - Shake off that sluggish feeling by extracting the heavy metals and other buildup that is bringing you down. 
  • Improve circulation - Facilitating blood flow ensures that oxygen can reach and nourish different parts of the body. 
  • Reduce internal inflammation - Many serious conditions, from diabetes to heart disease, have been linked to internal swelling.
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